Mold Production

The leading activity of our company is the manufacture of molds.

The available knowledge and numerous successfully implemented projects allow us to produce molds of any level of complexity for our customers.

Experience in the field of mechanical processing, design and manufacture of molds is more than 9 years.

Thus, having powerful human resources and the necessary equipment, our company is ready to execute a turnkey order – from receiving a drawing or sample and right up to casting the product on our injection molding machines. Work is performed on modern high-quality equipment.

If necessary, we provide casting parts with embedded reinforcement and signs.

After manufacturing, the mold passes the test and release a test batch of products. If necessary, defects are eliminated. The finished form is transferred to the customer or to the foundry for mass production.

  1. We make molds for plastic molding.
  2. If necessary, we service and repair molds.
  3. To get started, we need a drawing or sample product.

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